Sorry to see you go but wishing you much happiness on your next adventures in life!

Will miss your service and application updates.

How are you doing? I just got the news that you are about to close I’m sad to see it retire but I guess you have good reason to do so :-) Thanks again for all what you’ve done with iLocalize and the tremendous support over all these years!

As far as I remember i ordered one of the first Icalamus version... As I used to wok with XPRESS I did not give suite to my tries. But I remember this old good time when the futur of APPLE was like a garden … die Blumen werden blühen und die ganze weite applewelt ins Frühlingsfarben glühen.… Merci Ulf pour avoir été une de ces fleurs et bonne retraite.…

Wishing you the best of luck on your next phase in life, because that how it sounds! May your days be bright and full of wonder.

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