PriMus 1.1PriMus 1.1
The next-generation score notation program, now even usable with macOS

PriMus 1.1

Important Note:

PriMus works under macOS in a CrossOver solution. If you have used the Windows version of PriMus before, you will find everything in its usual place - the user interface is identical. Simply ignore the Mac menu bar of the application and use the menu bar in the app's window. The comprehensive manual can be used in both worlds.

If you have never worked with Windows applications before, the user interface may look somewhat strange to you. But we're quite sure you will find an easy approach to the functions and power of PriMus soon. Our support loves to help you find all things.

Geniously simple, exciting new, lean and mean, incredibly versatile, lightning fast, widely compatible, simply genious!

Facts and details about PriMus: nine topics about what is new and unique, which flavour it has, what your work will look like, how schools and teachers can benefit, and much more. Read a new topic every week.

  1. Mixed songsheets

    That's new: the creation of mixed songsheets can be handled in on single document. No more Word, no Corel, no clipboard, no back and forth any more.

  2. Just grab it

    PriMus allows you to use your mouse and simply pick and move everything, you see on your screen. Laying out, adjusting and fine tuning of your scores becomes a breeze.

  3. Connections

    Exchange music sheets with your colleagues, utilize midi files from the unlimited internet reservoir, read score pages from music scan programs.

  4. Advanced

    The numerous and extremly flexible notation possibilities let you master all kinds of advanced and unusual notations.

  5. PriMus at school

    When PriMus was developed, there had been a strong focus on educational aspects and requirements. Numerous teachers gave us valuable feedback and proposals and helped to create a product which is optimally prepared for use in schools and conservatories.

  6. Piano scores

    Piano scores of the classic or romantic ages are widely considered as benchmarks for the engraving quality of a notation program. PriMus passes this challenge with flying colors and the results can bear comparison with manually engraved scores.

  7. Chamber music

    When being tested, PriMus performed excellently in notating chamber music scores.

  8. Instrumental courses

    The teaching concepts are as manifold as the music styles, which consequently raises the demand for individually designed and laid out instrumental courses. No problem for PriMus.

  9. Stunning support

    Enjoy unmatched support: Answers instead of excuses. Individual help instead of auto-emails. Lightning fast reactions rather than days of delay. Your request is our challenge.

New in 1.1:
  • First release for macOS.
System Require­ments:
Apple computer with Intel processor, macOS 10.4.4 or higher, Sound Card.