PasswordWallet 4.8.8PasswordWallet 4.8.8
PasswordWallet is the perfect place for your passwords!

PasswordWallet 4.8.8

PasswordWallet stores ALL of your passwords and other private information in one, convenient location – because password confusion just isn't necessary!


  • Retrieve passwords quickly and effortlessly through PasswordWallet's tight-user interface
  • Access passwords, usernames and other private info. with a single 'master' password
  • Synchronize passwords from your Macintosh with your iPhone/iPod Touch and/or Palm compatible PDA (software for Mac, iPhone/iPod Touch and Palm all sold separately)
  • Secure passwords with PasswordWallet's unique Auto-Typing technology
  • Enter multiple usernames and passwords across multiple web pages through Auto-Typing feature

Security Measures

  • PasswordWallet uses BlowFish encryption algorithm with 448-bit keys to protect your data
  • PasswordWallet copies passwords to the clipboard and automatically deletes them after they are pasted to keep your info. safe
  • Your 'master' password can be kept in the Mac OS X keychain

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New in 4.8.8:
  • Fixed bug where auto-typing would time out prematurely.
  • Fixed bug with dropbox sync of multiple passwordwallet files.
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New in 4.8.7:
  • A brand new native Android version is now available.
  • An updated iOS version of PasswordWallet now supports printing and ...
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New in 4.8.6:
  • New, modern Dropbox implementation.
  • Dropbox sync is much more reliable.
System Require­ments:
OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher